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DRIVE INDIA 2020-2021

Warning Systems for Drivers 2020

Susceptible conditions, accidents are commonly due to missing policies, driver negligence, lack of driving norms,
lack of continual awareness, or being unfit to drive (due to afflicted ability (2020), the influence of alcohol or drugs, due to fatigue, due to being drowsy, not having a driving license for a particular type of vehicle or even not having a valid
driver license), due to undermining cautioned and/or hazardous road conditions.

Drive India 2020 looks at what warning systems and driving norms can reduce susceptible risks, accidents and incidences of negligent driving.

Drive India 2021 is working on incorporating a location lookup to identify different kinds of commuting experience facilities and services.


Location learning - work in progress


Machine learning algorithms are being incorporated in many areas of problem solving. We think that tomorrow Location Choreographed Grids could decide modes of operations of vehicles, as location analytics could report the availability of refueling/battery recharging/vehicle maintenance facilities, infrastructure and at-site services that can help people commute.
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